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    Sour OG Kush

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    Energetic, Social, Euphoric, Libido, Relax, Happy, and Anxiety

    Product description

    50/50 Hybrid

    Sour OG Kush, also known as Sour Kush, is a potent hybrid highly coveted by cannabis enthusiasts. It brings together the genetic traits of two iconic and acclaimed strains - Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

    Product Review

    User 1: 

    • Very mellow strain
    • Was very smooth but had a spicy hit to the throat
    • Gave me munchies 
    • Taste of chemical and earthy undertones
    • It gave me more of Sativa leaning feel 
    • Felt euphoric, creative and active 

    User 2: 

    • Very tasty! Can taste the sour terps and tastes like an OG indoor I used to smoke (amazing) 
    • Not a straight-head high feeling in my body 
    • Has relaxed my body (not the greatest feeling for wake and bake)
    • Not too intense 
    • Long lasting high, has made me want to go back to bed

    User 3:

    • Was a smooth smoke
    • Got an Earthy taste
    • Had more of a body high that was not that intense 
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    Sour OG Kush

    R 190.00

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