Cannabis has been used for many thousands of years. Its ancient uses were deeply spiritual because it works on the body, mind and soul. It affects the consciousness so profoundly that our forefathers used it under the guidance of Shamanic medicine men. They prevented abuse and maximised benefits. In the 20th century Cannabis became prohibited. It was relegated to the shadows to play the role of an illicit narcotic. Recently, thanks to the hard work of individuals around the world, a compelling case has been made for the potential benefits. Cannabis is slowly being legalised and liberated. In South Africa we now have an opportunity to become again a culture that can benefit from the responsible use of this incredible plant. The next chapter of the story is in our hands...

Join us in rediscovering the role of cannabis in society and defining the future of this industry.

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You are always welcome to stop in and say 'High'!

I love this place!
The staff are so friendly and helpful.
The patrons that frequent this establishment are very friendly. It's actually a great spot to meet up with friends or just meet people in general.
The owner provides a very hands on approach to his business, which definitely adds to its' charm.
They have many options of items to purchase.
And the members lounge provides a aire of exclusivity, which I can't help but enjoy.
There are TVs, busy using them as my access to watch the world cup, there are tables to work on, many plug points, they have a generator so no pesky load-shedding problems, there is amazing coffee from the greatest and friendliest barista, if you require anything the staff are quick to help and make arrangements and to top it all off, they are dog friendly, being able to go and sit there and work with my hound is so awesome!
The atmosphere and overall interior aesthetic of the place is great and I would provide photos, but unfortunately, none are allowed inside 
Guess you'll just have to go check it out for yourself !
R100 for membership, lasts a month and there is no auto-renwal.

Warm regard Stuckenberg
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