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    Medicinal Cannabis Consultation

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    A meeting with Dr Sorger to discuss whether medical cannabis is right for you and if so, to develop a treatment plan. The consultation will typically involve the following steps:
    1. Medical history review: Dr Sorger will ask about you to document your medical history, including any chronic conditions you have, any medications you are taking, and any side effects you have experienced from other treatments.
    2. Discussion of symptoms: Discuss your symptoms in detail, including how they impact your daily life.
    3. Education about medical cannabis: Dr Sorger will inform you about medical cannabis, including its potential benefits and risks, the different types of medical cannabis products available and how to use them safely.
    4. Treatment plan development: If it is decided that medical cannabis is appropriate for you, Dr Sorger will develop a treatment plan with you. This will include the type of medical cannabis product, the dosage, and the frequency of use.
    5. Follow-up: Communication with Dr Sorger on your treatment protocol and any modifications needed.
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    Medicinal Cannabis Consultation

    R 650.00

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