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    King Tarts

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    Relax, Euphoric, Creative, and Energetic

    Product description

    80/20 Indica Dominent

    Introducing King Tarts, the perfect hybrid strain for dessert lovers. Combining Kush Cake's creaminess with Kush Mint's earthiness, and Bubba Slush's blend of Bubba Kush and Gelato, it creates a delightful pastry-like experience.

    Product Review

    User 1:

    • Smelled extremely sweet and tasted of vanilla cake
    • It was smooth but gave me an intense body high
    • My eye went red, and it only happens with some strains. Also, my eyes dropped after the second hit
    • It made me extremely high and is definitely an indica dom because I felt very relaxed and sleepy. It did not give me munchies at all.
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    King Tarts

    R 190.00

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