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    Black Sugar

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    Euphoric, Appetite , Sleep, and Stress

    Product description

    80/20 Indica Hybrid

    Black Sugar is a cannabis strain that combines the genetics of Black Domina, LA OG Kush, and Critical to create an indica-dominant hybrid.

    Product Review

    User 1: 

    • I could feel that it was an indica strain
    • Experienced a mellow body high and a relaxing feeling 

    User 2:

    • Definitely an indica strain, the first few drags went straight to my head and gave me tingles.
    • Black sugar would be perfect for sleep, stress and appetite
    • It gave me extreme munchies to a point where I just fell asleep after munching 
    • The flavour was sweet, spice and earthy 

    User 3:

    • Very smooth smoke, but not an overwhelming taste. 
    • Very Sedative
    • Felt the high throughout my body - tingling feeling in legs and felt relaxed. 
    • Overall an amazing indica to help you relax, watch a movie or have a great sleep
    • 8/10
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    Black Sugar

    R 230.00

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