The Hope Exchange Wishlist

Basic Toiletries:

- Body wash,

- Body lotion,

- Shampoo,

- Soap,

- Roll-ons

But also...

- Clothes,

- Shoes,

- Blankets

Celebrate Mandela Day by joining us in achieving our goal of
securing 100 new donors who pledge R67 each month.


DARG Wishlist

- Wet and Dry food for cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens,
- Beeno biscuits,
- Dog treats, smoked ostrich bones (no rawhide chews please),
- Peanut butter (salt and sugar free, no xylitol),
- Cow hooves,
- Catnip,
- Dog and Cat Tick & Flea Control (Bravecto / Frontline),
- Plastic spray bottles,
- Dog and cat brushes,
- Muzzles for on-site vet visits (small and medium),
- Rubber KONG toys,
- Puzzles for dogs and cats,
- Tennis and soccer balls,
- Cat toys,
- Medium and large-sized harnesses,
- Fleece blankets,
- Puppy and dog jerseys,
- Hot water bottles,
- Black heavy duty plastic rubbish bin bags.


Be part of our charity drive!

Join Cannibisters and Vondi’s in our charity drive for Hope Exchange and DARG!

Check their wishlist and bring your donation!

You can always donate directly to them via the QR codes provided!

*all collected donations will be delivered to the organisations at our own cost. We do not charge any fee, commission for the charity drive!

Our Mandela Day special for you:

Our most popular strain:

Red Velvet Gary

is on special

for R160 per gram!

Stocks are limited, first come first served.


On the 18th we will


On the 18th we will

Violinist Rayelle Goodman perform and DJ Liam from 6 - 8pm

DJ Liam 8 - 10pm